Thursday, April 24, 2014

Letter of Withdrawal to the Medford Court.

This is the final draft of the letter I sent to the court in Medford yesterday. It gives a brief glimpse of what's been going on here over the past couple of months.
There will be a fuller update at some point; there's a lot to say, but this can serve for now as we get on with moving. Thanks for reading.

Dear Judge Peterson,
In reference to case #14LT00529, I wish to withdraw the appeal for a hearing scheduled for this coming Friday April 25th.
It is an eviction case and I am the defendant. The migration of Tipi Village has begun and by the time of the hearing we will no longer be living at the place known to Jackson County Assesors as # 1-010851-1 and 1-012270-1, 42-2E Tax Lots 100/102, although we will likely still be collecting belongings and cleaning up.
Following will be a more thorough though concise explaination of why this hearing was filed and now dropped. Please excuse me if it's inappropriate here.
I and the other families of the nomadic community of Tipi Village became aware that we were trespassing on the above named parcel of land when Art Padillo, private detective, served us with a summons in early March of this year, 2014. Until that point we had an agreement and invitation from a member of the Mosby trust and were paying rent.
At the initial hearing on March 10th I signed an agreement with James Stout, legal representative of Steve Mosby (the land owner) that we would vacate the above land by March 31st.
In the intervening time we discovered that the land upon which we have spent the winter (tax lot 100 of the aforementioned) had already transferred ownership (the Mosby family are selling all of their land). This information was communicated to James Stout through voicemail and messages left with his secretary and we received no response. We subsequently considered the case dropped by the plaintiff until Art Padillo showed up again on Friday, April 11th with a notice of restitution (which did not include a copy of the 'landlord's claim') and a deadline to vacate of the following Tuesday, April 15th. With no wish to be in conflict with the sheriff and not enough time to move a village, we decided to request a hearing.
We would have only asked for more time for the weather to settle in the higher elevation, to where we migrate, (usually mid-May), to avoid undue stress on the families. This whole business has been stressfull to many people; men, women and children simply getting on with living wholesome and direct lives which in itself is hard work and challenge enough. Further concern, after reading the 'landlord's claim' is that we might be liable to his costs, etc, for his actions which, with just a little communication, could have been cleared up and dealt with directly, without wasting the time of a judiciary with much more important things to do.
Please feel welcome to experience the reality of Tipi Village. We are not 'transients', we are a strong neo-indigenous culture pioneering and presenting viable and humane ways of living with our world. Open to all.
Thanks for reading this and for your compassionate consideration.

Friday, March 7, 2014

We'll take the premise of Love, thanks!

A few days ago I was on the phone with a woman from Costa Rica, enquiring about a Rogue Dwellings tipi. We had a decent chat as she'd read this blog. She asked,"Do you want to buy land?" and I replied, after a pause,"No. The inspiration is to keep on doing what we're doing; living nomadically and lightly."- Unmolested. That doesn't preclude 'buying land', and that might be how this unfolds, but what's important to state clearly here is that the inspiration which is our motivation is non-attachment and nomadism; living with our Earth as a conscious part of the Gaia super-organism.
I can easily fall into self-righteous indignation when I focus on the injustice of The World and some of that came with my previous post, with comments about a Malibu beach house. I'm not going to retract those words because I do feel indignant towards the grossly unequal distribution of the externals (land, food, clothing, shelter) when there is patently more than enough for everyone. The Earth is bountyful. There is no need for scarcety.
So I'd like to address the 'fight'. Because fighting is really inefficient. There's too much to take care of for the collective right now, if we are to maintain habitability for our unborn generations. I have no point to prove, no ideologies to promote, no conspiracy theories to espouse. I have a life to live in the way I know best and children growing surrounded by a culture with which I have agency and input. Which means to stand my ground and at least question the default mass culture of passive, latent violence, which comes to me now, my sovreignty violated in the form of a court summons and which, should I choose to ignore it, would continue to come to me, more strongly, in uniform, Kevlar and with guns.
To subsist comes from the latin sub + sistere. It means to stand firm, to be, to exist.
The conspiracy is in the network and we can easily find ourselves, especially if we feel we have no agency, power or control in our lives, participating. Con- (with) spire (breath, spirit). We are the conspiracy when we breath together. When we breathe, conspire with things that inspire then we have power, collectively. We can give our power to something greater, with which we are aligned, and then the mal-aligned aspects wither with lack of power or belief. It's a process because part of that malignancy is fear and fear when shunned or surpressed becomes disproportionately powerful. Fear and fearful ways are to be intergrated, brought into the whole and utilised.
And it's all a journey of discovery for me because right now there is fear coming up and the best I can do for me, my family, for you is to feel it and trust it and avoid being motivated by it. To love it and be motivated by that love.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Balance with Beauty...

Don't Panic!

We've been summonsed to appear at the court in Medford this Monday (tenth of March) for trespass under the threat of eviction.
A private detective came skidding through the mud in his loafers to serve the papers, although they also came in the mail. He was friendly enough but refused hospitality and stayed standing in the doorway of our lodge until Kayla went and got him a stool to sit on.
The papers say we're squatters and we're holding the land by force. Neither of which are true.
If we fail to appear then the sheriff will most likely be called and we'll be "physically removed". We're ankle deep in mud in places and it's hard to see how we'll be able to move this time of year. And we have nowhere to go. Perhaps the sheriff and his deputies will help us strike our lodges and carry our belongings out? Or perhaps they'll stand around watching. Or maybe they'll pepper spray us and handcuff us and take our children away. Or perhaps they will break down weeping at prosecuting unjust laws on ordinary people...
It's a stress best avoided, especially for the children, so we'll be appearing on Monday to ask for more time and let the courts etc. know that there is no intention for us to stay beyond May and remind them that we're nomadic and that we move after the rains, anyway.
We're harming no-one, we are families raising our children in the way we know best. Living as directly and accountably as possible.
The plaintiff has some massive inheritance tax/ debts and is desperate to liquidate their thousands of wild, uninhabited acres.
They have a beach house in Malibu, next to Oprah Winfrey's, that they don't want to loose. I don't know if our presence on this small plot blocks any sale. This is where the Dominant Paradigm meets us and we work out how to maintain integrity with it.
We find ourselves on the 'wrong' side of the law because we don't have unlimited access to lawyers and money. We live fairly hand-to-mouth, which is dynamic, though there's little room for waste. We'll see what happens in court and what moral values the court holds, if it is just. Or if it upholds the values of the 'property' owners over those of the common person.
We'll keep posting updates on the process.
We're very open to guidance right now; be it law related or land related.
More strongly: Help, now!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Epic Now of Eternity

Thanks for all the messages, questions and concerns about the Land Liberation Project and the current whereabouts of the Tipi People and Tipi Village.
The October deadline for the sale of the Summer Land came and went without us and without the funds to enter into the 'property purchase' reality. As far as we know, Soda Mountain has not yet changed 'ownership'. All of the money raised through Indiegogo is being held with the Way Foundation. The rest is still in the Magic Hat.
We moved off the mountain in October, like we usually do, and a new place to spend a gentler winter revealed itself. The Big Lodge was pitched and we moved into our lodges from there. There was an early period of about a foot of snow and temperatures low enough to freeze a glass of water on the hearth overnight. The narrow portal of solstice came and went, as it does, and the short essential days gave the power of the epic now of equanamous adversity. As they do...
The entire 2000+ acres of (Mosby) Buckhorn Ranch is still on the market for some $4+m. It would be good to see all of this land free from mechanical and commercial development and returned to it's inherent indigenous nature.
I am still trying to reconcile the liberation of The Land with abstract tools of enslavement, such as money. If anyone out there has any ideas about how to go about the emancipation of our world, please share it! In the meantime I guess we'll just keep making it up as we go along and continue to strive to live as directly and accountably as possible.
This is not in opposition to idustrialisation. The process of industrialisation has been important, necessary and has great cultural value for humanity. However, for as long as it is stuck in the paradigm of 'development' meaning consumption, convenience and an idea that everyone is to follow the model of 'Western' affluence, then it's hard to see any future other than a continuing loss of cultural and biological diversity, and environmental abuse and degradation, ultimately leading to mass extinctions including that of our own species.
So, to the 'industrialised' world (meaning, mostly, the minority of the world's population who defacate in water), we are on the same side and the Land Liberation Project does not need to become a revolutionary movement. We can, any of us if we like, slip off into the woods and re-indigenise ourselves and our world. This does not mean that we can urbanise the wilderness or even settle, claim and own. It means that we can begin to acknowledge our place within the shimmering web of interconnections and empower that web through empowering ourselves by enabling agency in our own lives by having accessible opportunity to take care of our basics. Like shelter, food, water, heat and waste.
One of my favourite factoids goes, 'Termites outweigh humans 3:1'. Outweigh. Not outnumber. This comes up whenever the question of human overpopulation arises. If we accept the UN estimate that seven thousand million people now live on Earth, then the human equivalent to termites would be 21 billion people. Therefore termites remember something that some of us are either forgetting or ignoring out of the seductions of convenience. Termites have Indigenous Knowledge in the sense of connected ways of being being intergrated and connected with the whole.
Pre (non)- industrial and certainly pre (non)- agricultural cultures have an awareness of place within the connections of the weave of creation, or life, that does not need to be reconciled and is woven into daily living. For example, it is difficult to be naïve or ignorant to how one treats the water when one fetches and drinks that water.
Since the onset of industrialisation we have been becoming more and more removed from our visceral, direct impact, through the convenience of inventions such as the flushing toilet, for example. We don't have to deal with our shit. Physically and metophorically. It goes to that place known as 'away'. Of course, sewers were essential when cities were rife with cholera, dysentry etc., but they were a specific treatment to a specific problem, or collective symptom. Now we are beginning to be faced with water scarcity, not just in dry parts of the world. Sewage has always been an issue for sedentary populations. We've always known that our manure returns to the biosphere, eventually, but untill fairly recently, urban dwellers didn't know how to utilise manure as a nutrient rich resource, rather than an energy intensive 'problem'.
All this is an example of how now, on the cusp of the industrial and post-industrial ages, we get to define with fully empowered input, post-industrialisation.
A neo-indigenous understanding of our place within the weave of living appears to be essential for a viable way forward. For me, this means living on the ground around the fire in a circle of circles. Fetching wood with a bow saw and walking to the spring for water. It's handy for much of my practice of conscious awareness is intergrated within my essential daily life; I don't know how to have the discipline to be as aware of my direct impact on my place within the weave amidst the mass culture of conveinience living.
So the highest values which the industrialised world espouses are, largely, of liberty, democracy, equality and the like. These are all virtuous. But industrialisation goes beyond that when lives are conscripted and compromise is imposed and when me, my family and my community find ourselves, not through choice, fending off the accepted default of 'ownership'.
To compromise my life by working an uninspired job to feed the machine of industrialisation so that little 'I' can 'own' my own little plot of land so that I can live directly makes no sense, is illogical and perpetuates a dysfunctional, greedfull, individualistic paradigm.
So I'll keep living directly and openly, finding a way forward with a wholesome intention for the greatest good. Perhaps one day those politicians will make provision for indigenous nomadic ways of living, as times keep on changing. Or perhaps a philanthropist with a strong heart and clear vision will come forward in recognition of the urgency of the now. However it goes, the time for waiting is over and the time for epic living is now. As it always was.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hearth Tidings Issue 3 is here. 

A newsletter from Tipi Village, have a read for a glimpse of the reality here.  Better would be to come have a feel for yourself, bring a bed roll and stay in the Big Lodge.

Kids!  This is a Special Issue with not only a Crossword but also a dice game.  Check it out!


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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hearth Tidings Issue Three

Issue 3 of Hearth Tidings is being edited now. Deadline for submissions is 9am on Friday 11th of October. Send submissions to

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Raffle Draw

Thanks for all who joined in with the raffle. You not only contributed to and empowered the Land Liberation Project, (which is still a new introduction to a much older way of understanding human place within the world), you also helped someone get a prize!
The draw took place earlier this evening on October 1st 2013. Video of the drawing will be posted. The winners are as follows:
Rogue Dwellings Tipi: Monica Roxburgh
Adult Tricycle: Patti Browning
1hr professional massage by Jimmy Nacey: Rachel Rose
Artwork by Lindy Kehoe: (no name; only phone number provided)
Hooded scarf by Fair Ophelia Designs: Leslie Lanes
Feldenkrais session: Joshua Young
Antler handled knife: Lindsay
West African drum lesson: Celia Peel
Congratulations winners, we'll be in touch about how to collect your prizes!

Watch the draw in two parts (the battery died so we had to switch cameras).....
                                             Part One:


                                              Part Two:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Let's talk about subtexts: prejudice and bigotry?

This is a thread of comments on the recent article in the Mail Tribune.
Sorry, your lifestyle is illegal. Get on the consumption/destruction bandwagon like everyone else. Don't you want that big expensive house and the tax bill that comes with it? Don't you want to buy a house and see it's value drop in a few years to half of what you paid? Sure you do. Welcome to the new America.
No Darryl they want others to provide for them. Donate to buy them land. I have heard about how they have totally trashed the land they are on. Take a drive up to their camp. They have no respect for the land. They just want to live off the grid. That's fine. Just don't expect the tax payers to provide. Let them set up in your yard Darryl. I'm sure you won't mind cleaning up their mess.
Ed Keller-
I have visited the Tipi village on several occasions over the years and I can say they are immaculate in their Care for the Land. The above hearsay about the Tipi Villagers "trashing the Land" is absolutely ridiculous. Completely unmerited. That is why the previous landowners were happy to have them there, for YEARS, taking very good care of the land and actively managing the forest surrounding them.
I am curious where Mr/Mrs Commentsviewer got these false reports and the idea that somehow tax dollors are to support their project. Again..inaccurate.
A non-profit trust collecting donations for a land based project is as "Normal" and respectable as any mainstream project. These folks seem to have a different outlook (as is satirized in darryl.edingtons comment) that they have no desire to buy into the mainstream debt-based lifestyle. That is commendable in my opinion.
Land Liberation Project-
Thanks for extending the invitation to come visit; Tipi Village is open to all! We are happy to provide for ourselves and we ask for the basic human right to subsist and access to the land and means to sustain ourselves. We are happy to help anyone who wishes to learn how to make themselves a home and grow themselves food.
We have not trashed the land. Over the years hundreds of people have experienced first hand, deeply, for more than a few minutes of prejudiced perception, the powerful beauty of living together with our planet, through the place held open by Tipi Village. The people who have complained have never addressed complaints directly (to me, anyway) and seem to have had some personal agenda as to their entitlement for giving a public review of my home and life. It would be mean spirited and uncaring if I were to go to your home, 'commentsviewer' and decide to trash you, publicly, about how you live.
I, personally, have taken truckloads of trash out to the transfer station, most of which arrives at hunting season and also a lot that was here when we first came to live here. I have also taken trash away from others, not accountable to Tipi Village, who have decided to camp (usually in a 'nylon nightmare' tent) nearby or out of season.
Furthermore, the other parties interested in buying the land upon which we live intend to sell it to the BLM, thereby restricting access to all of us whilst giving us, the taxpayers, no choice in having to buy it.
Feel welcome to bring up any other pretexts, once we've addressed them all we can begin to talk about subtexts: prejudice and bigotry?


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ideas brewing to include you....

Ideas are brewing for the Hearth Tidings, Autumn Issue 3.  There is an idea to include words from the greater community, meaning you.  We are looking for engagement.  Maybe through a 'letter to the editor' or 'ask a villager'.  Are there any curiosities or questions you have about year round nomadic tipi life?  Send them in!  Even if it is challenging or contentious, please, engage us!  Perhaps you have spent time here and may feel inspired to write something about it, a poem, an essay, an art piece.....Send us entries by October 20, 2013.  Looking forward to hearing from you.